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  1/ What are you doing just after the EMANIA album,have you made some live show ?

MC W1febeater: We were able to do a whole bunch of different stuff live. For one thing did we play a lot of major festivals like the Wave Gotik Treffen ( Ger.), Eurorock (B), Summer Breeze ( Ger.), Feuertanz Festival ( Ger.), the Metal Dayz festival in Switzerland etc. and on the other hand a headliner tour throughout Germany, single shows in the Tschech Repuplic and Slowenia, more single shows in Germany and an extensive tour playing support for Subway to Sally. Quite a bit as you can see!
  2/ This new album is more mature and the music you play is very pure,with many influences :electro,gothic and heavy metal,can you describe ENETIC for us ?

MC: Thank you! I think your perception of the new album pretty much nails it. It's sort of difficult with us since we are not limited to a specific style/ scene. That's something which is totally natural to us. With ".enetics..." we managed, subconsciously, to combine and put everything our emotions feed us in the right place. For instance did we experiment with new elements already on " Regret", took it a step further with " E- MANIA", learned throughout time how to handle our constant progressing interests and automatically worked up everything on our new album. That's why it's hard to say which album our favorite is. They're all part of our progression as artists. One would not have been possible without the other. Still, when we write material we don't spend any time thinking about what we've done before and use it as a plattform or anything like that! This way we were always able to sort of keep the same vibe and create something new/ different at the same time. It has to be spontaneous and natural for us. The subtitle of ".enetics...", 11 orgies of massenjoyment on the dark side of the planet, sort of deals with this subject. Of course, we have our roots and stick to them, on the other side we are constanly breaking new ground as far our fans go! With the subtitle we emphasize on the fact that we're not afraid of heading down the crossroads of multi- EverEveism! I mean at our concerts you can see traditional gothics, headbangers, new metal freaks and so called regulars all looking at each other going : "Wow, I had no idea we have something in common......"! I think that's pretty selfexplanatory concerning our style of music.
  3/ How was the recording with GERARD MANGIN ? are you very faithfull?

MC: Well, Gerhard is by now also a long time friend of us. ".enetics.." is the third album we did with him. I can understand how some bands say they need a new producer to work with for certain reasons, but with us and Gerhard we felt that we could still get more out of that collaboration and improve. Plus the chemistry is unique and by now we know each other very well. All that and we still don't want to kill each other. Something must be right, hahaha! Of course, never say never and we might feel at some point that we did get the best of it, but as long as the sparks keep on flying we'll keep the fire burning!
  4/ AMBRAZA LA LUZ are the first song you've made in spanish language, how ad the idea ?

MC: More or less by accident. I know some people might think what's the plan behind this decision?! And I can't blame them, because doing something like that is also somewhat of a risk. You don't know how everyone's gonna react. We simply followed our hearts on this one. Like I said no specific reason. While writing material for ".enetics..", fans from Spain kept sending us e-mails of translated lyrics from " E-MANIA". Nothing too unusual, but they kept sending us more and more translated lyrics, so that we really got used to it and the Spanish language itself. The song "Abraza la luz" was first written in English. By the time we went to the studio and started recording, MZ Eve 51 still had the sound of this beautiful language screaming to be used on one of our songs. He felt like this one song was made for Spanish vocals. After recording it all of us knew instantly what he meant and there it was!
  5/ Do you plan to go on tour ?

MC: For now we are scheduled to play some of the aforementioned festivals this year. Touring would be sometime in autumn. No details yet, but we are looking for much more international tour-activities. More information regarding a full-length tour can be found in the near future on WWW.EVEREVE.NET Be sure to check there for all the latest on EverEve!
  6/ What do the lyrics of ENETIC deal with ?

MC: MZ Eve 51 wrote all the lyrics on the album. The heart of things has not really changed though, since he has always been deeply involved lyrically! In general EverEve still deals with real experiences, thoughts of the past, present and the future. We like to preserve a certain amount of freedom, although we do have our point of view. It is very important though to pass along what set's us free when composing and playing. Our listeners should feel the same vibe and be free to interpret their own thoughts and opinions! One thing that became clear to us more and more was, that after recording five albums and being around for a while, when we sit back and look down the road we came it get's pretty interesting. For one thing did we never care too much for dwelling on the past and then again is it still an active part of us. We think this is only possible if you don't try to desperately hold on to things and rather accept that nothing will be forever. " Her last Summer" is such a subject. It's her last summer and the heaven's bleed. She knows this will be her last summer and all what's left are the memories. That's OK and memories can hurt. The question is if you can accept your memories for what they are or do you them to be more than that? " Eat-Grow-Decay" deals with how everything is sky- rocketing faster and faster. What mankind has achieved is truly amazing and our knowledge/intelligence is overwehlming but what about such basic reason of what's wrong or right? Somehow something got lost in this ongoing madness of more, faster, stronger and better etc. Can you imagine the two well balanced? There are some interesting thoughts expressed on ".enetics..." and you won't regret diving in, take time out for yourself and enjoy this experience with us!! Thanx, MC


  Interview taken by Sébastien Faucher - 2003